Bonus Tutorial: Procedural Puddles in Cinema 4D

Create puddles on an asphalt road in Cinema 4D by violently creating a Shading Network natively for C4D's Standard Renderer in XPresso. And this technique isn't just limited to wet roads, you can use it to put puddles on just about any wet surface!

00:00 – Intro

00:23 – Scouting the scene

00:41 – Creating our 'Wetmap'

01:48 – XPresso set-up (XPresso for People Who Are Slightly Uncomfortable at the Thought of Xpresso PT2 – The Re-XPressoening)

02:32 – Darkening the Diffuse

03:49 – Adding water Reflection

04:33 – Fixing the Bump Map

05:25 – Adding more water

05:51 – Saving Kittens from Allergic Reactions through the magic of the Shading Network

05:59 – 'Troubleshooting' the Shading Network

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